FILM • WATCHMEN • neutron bomb



TV • THE AMERICANS • listening device


ANIME • スペースダンディ • galaga song

Synonyms : supesu dandi, space dandy


In finding divine inspiration for a song, the commander of the Jaicro Empire, Johnny, steals the riff from his waiting colleagues handheld gaming device.

galaga opening game music downloadable sound files

kamisama dolls – ANIME SERIES – robot function themesound

See link for full narrative:

The robots; made of wood, but clearly possessed of none of the materials’s properties, each have a musical theme that plays continuously during their usage.

The themesounds are unique to each, AND in general.
They seem to mix backward, slowed, sped-up and muffled tones.

Example in footage:

files as uploaded by youtube ID wtfmode8500:–AIHY&sns=tw