TV • THE AMERICANS • tandy™ handheld



Tandy™ / radio shack™ handheld games antique product feature.
Some of the other handheld devices are worth a worth a look.

TV • THE AMERICANS • you made me chase

“Curtis, right? You should have let me catch you the first i’m angry” • #fbi agent • #theAmericans#spies

— theodore (@thursday_create) October 31, 2014

TV • THE AMERICANS • fbi internal document delivery robot

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Not sure if this is true to the era, but without tracks to run on, it’s quite amazing to have as a banal extra.

TV • BOARDWALK EMPIRE • gyp personal

“everybody’s a person, right? How else are we gonna take things…..what the f+ck is LIFE if it’s not PERSONAL” • rosetti#boardwalkEmpire

— theodore (@thursday_create) October 9, 2014

TV • THE AMERICANS • listening device


TV • BOARDWALK EMPIRE • listening device


Reverse gramophone for recording the miscellaneous villainous conversations in the room next door